Zimba! is a ten-member Portland, Oregon based marimba band specializing in the music of Zimbabwe and other countries of southern Africa. 
The all-women group is in its seventeenth year, playing for many public and private events in Portland and surrounding communities.

Marimbas are wooden instruments resembling xylophones that accentuate the unique, energizing harmonies and rhythms of the music.  The group uses marimbas of four different sizes, from bass to soprano, along with drums and gourd shakers.  

The music, ideal for dancing or just listening, creates a joyful response from people of all ages.
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Zimba! is recruiting!            Are you a marimba-playing woman?  We're seeking one or two new players to replace members who are moving out of town.  If you're interested in an audition, give us your contact information and describe your interest and experience.
"Coming from various personal backgrounds, we find that our greatest pleasure as a group is becoming 'one joyous energy' when playing together.  It is our hope that Circle of Nine will pass this feeling along to you and bring a smile to your face."
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